Project Description

Anamaria Klajnšček

Anamaria Klajnšček is a Slovenian dancer, currently based in the Netherlands. She did her lower education in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which was already based on contemporary dance, and immediately continued in the same direction in Amsterdam’s academy de Theaterschool on a department called Modern Theater Dance. She is now finishing her second year there.

As contemporary dance is her base, she has mostly worked with floorwork and flying low technique, yet she is as well familiar with other, more vertical, techniques. Her interest also often takes her into improvisational dance and theater and she has a strong background in singing and piano playing. Though she is a trained dancer, she has been making her own performances as well.

In Slovenian field, she has worked with choreographers like Maja Delak, Nina Fajdiga, Vita Osojnik, Matej Kejzar… As from the time she has come to Amsterdam, she performed in smaller projects in different festivals (Moving Futures, Cinedans…) and danced in pieces by Keren Levi and Roser Espinoza Lopez. Lately, she has also presented two of her own choreographies; a solo called Purification and a trio called EvitcepsreP.