Project Description

Nina Kay

Nina started her dance training in Copenhagen where she attended two years of full time technical training. She felt attracted to the creation of dance and applied for the school of new dance in Oslo. Here she was accepted directly to the second year and explored the world of choreography and improvisation techniques while creating her first pieces for the stage. Still more drawn to the thinking and reflection on the process of creation she went back to Copenhagen to study philosophy at the university of Copenhagen. Beside her study she taught modern dance at sceneindgangen dance studios and she stayed curious to explore more dance styles and approaches whereby she attended weekly classes taught by dancers from the royal Danish ballet and workshops such as ICK Amsterdam, Eastman and countertechnique. Yet the theoretical investigations, she found at the university, turned her interest in the direction of space, context and theatre and currently she attends the program of scenography at the Amsterdam school of art. After three years of exploring she is now back in the dance studio to create a piece in collaboration with Darragh Kearns-Hayes.