Project Description

Vincent Arp

Bass player Vincent Arp grew up in Germany and moved to Amsterdam in 2011. Since then he has been meandering through the different musical scenes of the city, finding projects and musicians of different worlds to collaborate with. Coming from a musical family, he grew up immersed in European classical music and straight ahead jazz. His early teenage years were spent playing bass guitar in soul, funk and rock bands in his native Hamburg. At the same time he started composing music of his own.

Playing music of multiple styles and having a broad spectrum of musical interests has defined Vincent’s musical journey throughout his career. Current projects that he is involved in range from collectives for improvised music to classical orchestras, from contemporary chamber music to 1930s swing and from renaissance music to singer-songwriter folk. Vincent is passionate about collaboration and works with actors, dancers and storytellers as well as a diverse array of musicians and composers. He is currently doing a Masters degree at the Amsterdam Conservatory with a special focus on studying southern Indian classical music and researching extended playing techniques on the double bass.